Mindful Yoga Practices

In modern-day our nervous systems are chronically over-stimulated and remain in an almost constant state of the stress response and forgetting that the body needs balance to put the ‘brakes’ on and bring the body to relaxation to heal, restore and rejuvenate.
I am trained in a number of powerful modalities for transformation and healing – hypnotherapy, Yoga, breathwork, mantra, deep profound relaxation, and meditation – working together to release deep tensions and holdings in the whole body-mind through profound physical, mental and emotional relaxation.
Learning to relax so profoundly that you tap into a higher consciousness, while at the same time the body lets go of ever-deeper levels of fear and tension that can result in pain and illness.
This releases the gripping hold on limiting beliefs, rigid ideas of self and fixation on unhelpful thinking patterns and behaviors.
Sleep and digestive problems are two of the most common health issue where vast amounts of medication is used to help treat the problem. By relearning the art of proper breathing and how to relax body and mind is a key ingredient in changing the problems with modern society.

To relax means to rest deeply, to restore, to rejuvenate.

Most of us carry within us the accumulation of a lifetime of the big and little traumas that no one completely escapes. Because as a society we are not very good at processing and releasing these disturbances, and because we are very good at numbing and distracting ourselves from pain and discomfort, the accumulated stress and tension continue to grow.
These can eventually can lead to, among other negative consequences, uncontrollable rage, panic and anxiety attacks and over-reaction to minor irritations, as well as stress-related illness.
Self-awareness and learning the ancient techniques married with modern holistic therapies to release, heal and restore balance within the body, mind, and spirit.
I work one to one or in groups. If you are interested in discussing any of the above and what I offer please do not hesitate to contact me.
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Yoga Nidra