I found working with Deirdre a very safe experience and her natural ability and very calming soothing voice allowed me to enter this wonderful suggestive technique. Deirdre’s very skilful approach encouraged me to work towards the root of my issues with insights and clarity and very insightful realisations emerged after each session.

I’m very grateful & thankful for her help & support in this work and now have a profound respect for the work and the wisdom Deirdre provided me throughout this wonderful and challenging process will stay with me forever onwards with a new sense of understanding of myself that has been achieved, thank you Deirdre, forever grateful and humbled to have met and worked with you.

Tom Quinn

Deirdre is a wonderful caring and understanding person. Warmth radiates from her. I was lucky to work with her because she has a natural ability to break down thoughts and help you understand patterns that can change your life. She is so skilled in what she does and her background as a Reiki Master and Yoga only adds to what she does as a Hypno/Psychotherapist.

I have had many an experience over the last 15 years with different therapies, and I can honestly state, that Deirdre ranks amongst the highest that I have ever met. With her diverse experience, one can only get a clearer understanding of themselves, how the mind/body work in unison which is pivotal in the journey of happiness, emotionally and physically.

I am so happy to have met Deirdre and would highly recommend her as a therapist to anybody.

DB Greene (Dublin)

I have known Deirdre for many years now and I always look forward to our sessions. Deirdre is very professional and yet so kind and gentle that you really feel very safe and minded.

Deirdre has helped me many times and she is such a joy. I always feel so much better after meeting her. I have introduced a few people to Deirdre and they all agree she is a very special person who we are very lucky to have available to us. I can not recommend Deirdre enough.

She truly has a wonderful gift and many talents and I look forward to visiting her soon again.

Louise Lonergan. Dublin.