Debunking misconceptions around Hypnotherapy

Many people think they are in control of their lives when in fact your unconscious mind  is really the one in control.  It keeps our bodies working automatically every day without us even thinking about it. Your subconscious mind is an loyal servant that works tirelessly day and night to keep you alive and to make your behavior fit a pattern consistent with your life conditioning, core beliefs about the world and yourself, your emotions, hopes, fears and desires along with our deepest secret selves that we dont want anyone to know. So events that happen around us are a direct cause of what is going on internally for us. You know the quote “You are the creator of your reality” –  Swami Vivekananda . This is true because what has happened to us from the moment we are born builds up an internal program and we live it every day. Is this internal program working for you or not ? If not then change needs to happen and Hypnotherapy can really be beneficial to a person who wants positive change in their lives.

Hypnotherapy is very often misunderstood and feared, it is seen as a form of mind control, something magical and mysterious. To eliminate some of the misunderstandings around Hypnosis I want to highlight a few misconceptions and bring a new awareness to what happens in hypnosis.

Hypnosis is a not a sleep state..

You are not asleep in Hypnosis but very aware of what is going on during the session.  Being under hypnosis is very similar to a dream state. Like the feeling you get just before you are about to fall asleep. Some people drift in and out of this sleep state because you are so relaxed but they are fully aware.

Hypnosis is not a form of mind control

While it may appear that way it is not mind control.  You are always aware of what is happening in a session, your subconscious mind is always in control of your safety and if anything went against your belief system you would not accept that suggestion. You cannot be hypnotised against your will in fact all hypnosis is self hypnosis. While it is true that some people are more suggestible than others hypnosis is a natural pneumonia and it happens to us every day of our lives naturally.  A level of trust needs to be established with your therapist. If you believe that you can be hypnotised, then you will be more responsive to the hypnosis.

There is no such thing as a hypnotised feeling..

Everybody experiences hypnosis differently. Many people say it feels like a very profound state of relaxation. People can experience heaviness, weightlessness, out of body feeling, tingling, time distortion. Its feels like a dream state where the feeling fades when you come back into normal awareness. But in trance memories can be very vivid and real. So working with regression you can go back into the experience and feel the emotions of what you felt.  In this place great resolution and healing can happen.

For myself as a practiced meditator, it can be a short cut to deep connection and stillness of mind and body. But where it differs is that you are using this state to access the unconscious mind to heal trauma, remove limiting beliefs, inputting suggestions for positive change. Changing the old programming with new ways of thinking and being. Where meditation is a state of being nothing to do, nothing to be achieved.

Hypnotherapy is not a new idea…

Hypnosis dates back thousands of years to the Vedas (Revered Sacred Hindu Books ) The practice of Yoga Nidra today stems from this practice and is very similar to the practice of hypnotherapy where you are releasing unconscious debris (Sanskaras) and freeing yourself from limiting beliefs that we have accumulated since we were born. Peeling away the layers to reveal our authentic way of being.

Hypnosis is a natural phenomena

While hypnosis may seem mystical and magical, it is, in fact, a very natural experience. It is a skill we can learn and use throughout our lives for our benefit. An example of this natural state is when our minds wander and zone out, like when watching TV, working or reading. The average person actually experiences hypnosis a couple of times a day.

The mystery around a Hypnotherapy session – what really happens…

It all depends on what you are looking to work on…

Sessions for Non Smoking, weight loss, are 1-3 sessions and use Hypnotic suggestion – Using an induction method and guided relaxation to bring into deep trance where you bypasses the critical thinking mind and go directly to your sub conscious mind. This allows suggestions to be received directly into the subconscious mind. These suggestions if accepted without resistance (maybe because of a limiting belief) work to reinforce positive affirmations and reinforce desired changes you wish to make.

For anxiety, depression for example you would use Analytical hypnotherapy   (Psychotherapy & Psycho Analysis) –  This is around 8-12 sessions. It is a two-way communication is established between you and the hypnotherapist. This technique gets into to the bottom of the problem, where it might have originated. Resolving trauma, removing emotional blocks, limiting beliefs and bringing positive suggestion for a happier life freer life from past experiences. These sessions brings huge self awareness and clarity to the person and they can see first hand where the healing and change need to happen. As part of this process we use Regression techniques. By going back into the forming childhood memories, memories long forgotten and repressed and shedding light on what might be troubling the mind and causing problems in peoples lives in the present.

Future Life Progression – You are guided to visualise the future associated with reaching their goal. Visualisation and goal setting is like planting the seed into rich fertile soil and watching it grow into the plant you want.

Past Life Regression – is a technique for the spiritual seeker who want to go into the realm of past lives to bring resolution, understanding and to access wisdom to enrich their current life experience.

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Love Life Hypnotherapy


As human beings we have many relationships we form starting with our family of origin, friends, our partner/spouse and into the wider circle of people we encounter throughout our lives. Relationships are complicated and most of the time we strive to make them work but when any relationship breaks down it can be devastating with long lasting trauma for individuals involved.

The Holmes And Rahe Stress Scale was compiled by two researchers in 1967 who combined the medical records of over 5,000 patients with an eye to seeing if there was a connection between illness and the most stressful life events. Indeed there was with the death of a spouse been number one on the list and a marriage break up the second most stressful event in someones life .  Medical science has shown that unresolved trauma can lead to the unset of illness.  Breakdown of marital communication and breakups can leave the person grief stricken and facing huge fear of the unknown. So finding coping mechanisms to get through these life traumas to rebuild lives again is essential to the physical and mental well-being of an individual.

heart-700141_960_720The best long lasting relationships are built on mutual respect, trust and open communication. As people we grow and change year by year, the person you married in your 20’s or 30’s are very different to the people they are 20/30 years later.  So how does one couple last the test the time and others don’t. It boils down to each individual person and how much they are willing and want to invest in their relationship to keep the love and the intimacy alive. Growing closer as the years go by and not further way from each other takes commitment and effort on both parties. A relationship is built on two people, with their own personality, ideas, thoughts and feelings which need to be met and understood by their  respective partners.

The good news  is Hypno psychotherapy can help you with all kinds of relationship issues from resolving marriage issues, finding the right partner,  to coping with the emotions of a breakup and a broken heart.  If this sounds like you, then you could benefit from Love Life Hypnotherapy.

What does this mean? Love Life and Relationships Hypnotherapy will help resolve deep seated issues from the past, creates self love to focus the mind to achieve fulfillment in intimate relationships. Hypnotherapy works on a number of levels. Firstly, working closely with each individual to explore the deeper mind, whereby, exploration of the past can help reveal any recurring patterns of behavior where hypnosis can move you forward from the endless repeating  of certain negative behaviors.  In Psycho analysis the aim is to resolve any past trauma and work with issues that present themselves in each session.  A number of sessions vary depending on circumstances but are limited to a maximum of 8-12 sessions. Its solution focused and therapy brings huge awareness to the person  as they can see and hear their own patterns of behavior for themselves and in that awareness brings permanent and lasting change.

As humans everything that has every happened to us is stored in our unconscious mind,. We have a huge memory bank and if an unpleasant event happened and it is repressed, even though we have forgotten about it, this can have an effect on us in our current lives. The endless cycle of being continuously triggered into an negative emotional state. Until that trauma is resolved it will continue to happen. So for example if someone had a negative sexual experience in the past, it might lead to sexual problems in a current relationship. This would have a knock on effect on a relationship and neither party would know what the real reason is for lack of intimacy and would usually end up in a range of upset emotions where communication eventually breaks down. As a therapist I work with the person in building self love, self esteem, and self confidence to live a more fulfilling life where they are free from the binds of the past. In this a lot of inner child work is done, as its important to connect with the younger selves to integrate and work through issues around childhood.

People need to get to know themselves. I am also a yoga teacher and the aim of Yoga is Union with self.  We need to get to know ourselves and from that place everything changes around us. By building a realistic vision of what individuals want and need from a relationship, learning how to create fulfillment between you and a partner. Relationships are about two people, where the needs of both have to be heard and respected.   An unselfish giving to the others needs if worked both ways creates a beautiful and harmonious sharing of love and intimacy where neither are taken for granted and unappreciated.

Whether you are in a marriage or a relationship and feel you are struggling in it, or you are single and looking for the perfect person for you, Hypnotherapy will focus your mind and release any negative blockages around love and relationships stemming from past experiences. Unresolved trauma that may be buried deep in the unconscious is stopping you from living life to your fullest potential.

After Hypno Psychotherapy, psycho analysis you leave armed with self awareness and a clear vision of what you want. One of Napoleon Hill’s famous quotes is this one: “Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve.” Focus the mind on what you want and watch it happen.

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Everyone deserves to be happy and be Loved

What is Hypnotherapy and how does it work?

As this is my very first blog I wanted to begin with the basics of What hypnotherapy is and how it works. I hope by the end of the article you will understand the process of a hypnotherapy session with a client and have a better understanding around the mystery of Hypnosis.

HYPNOSIS is a wonderfully safe natural state and is a consent state which a person allows themselves to enter.. All hypnosis is self hypnosis and is not a therapy, rather the therapy is conducted in Hypnosis which is called Hypno-Psychotherapy. It is a deeply relaxed state of heightened suggestibility (trance) which enables access to the subconscious mind. It is the key that unlocks the door in the powerhouse of thoughts, memories and emotions.

So the subconscious mind is the powerhouse that stores all your beliefs, memories and life experiences up to the here and now. It keeps your body working on an automatic level and keeping you safe. This information that is stored in your subconscious mind always affects your behaviour and actions in different situations. Here is an example that will help you understand how the subconscious mind works and how it can negatively impact on your life. If you lack self confidence because of certain beliefs that you have about yourself then you might start to feel very anxious around people. In this case you felt anxious because your subconscious has a belief that was formed due to an event that happened or something that you took as true. Your subconscious mind wants to protect you but its doing the opposite its hindering you and causing you unnecessary anxiety maybe even keeping you from being around people altogether.. Its that powerful

A client ends up coming to me because this is having a real adverse effect on their everyday life and wants to gets the root of this problem and break this cycle of unnecessary anxiety. The subconscious takes what its told as true, so for example if you were told at a suggestive moment by a teacher/parent you were stupid then this creates a belief that you are stupid that is held in the subconscious and unless this belief is changed then the person will feel stupid all their lives. This belief will prevent that person from living their true potential out of fear … Our minds can be reprogrammed and rewired, unwanted suggestions removed and new positive ones planted.. The power of change is within everyone .. Awareness is the key and becoming aware of our own selves and whats holding us back can unlock the door to a happier future..

Some people have a belief they cannot be put into trance or are afraid of the hypnotist having control over their minds.. This is a misconception on both counts.. Everyone has the ability to enter into a trance. Everyday people slip into a natural trance like state when they become absorbed in television, or a book, even when driving. At all times the client is in control and can accept or rejects suggestions. It is always a consent state. At any time the client can come out of hypnosis but because it is such a profound relaxing state most people prefer to stay in it… Hypnotherapy is a proven therapeutic aid and is a psychotherapy treatment for many mental and emotional problems. Within Clinical Hypnotherapy you have suggestion therapy or Analytical Psychotherapy.

Suggestion Therapy: Rapid and effective therapy which takes approximately 1-3 sessions. Used for simpler problems such as smoking, nail-biting, pretest nerves, weight loss, relaxation, confidence boosting, self esteem.

Analytical Psychotherapy . This therapy is used to discover the causes of psychological problems. Hypno-analysis reveals and removes the cause and consequently relieves the symptoms. Excellent for anxiety. This is a much deeper level of therapy to get to the root cause once and for all. It usually consists of 8-12 weekly sessions. Think of cause and effect: every symptom must have a cause. Patterns within your subconscious mind, are often triggered and cause you anxiety. You don’t know why you are reacting the way you do. If there are deep-seated emotional issues that have not been dealt with and they are triggered in some way, by the subconscious that will cause anxiety to your body.

The first stage is any therapy is the Consultation/Intake.. This stage is very important and the information I get from a client and give to a client will significantly influence the work and outcome. It will include basic personal personal and medical information, what the client wants from the therapy and set goals on how to achieve the desired outcome. Like a road map for the journey ahead. It is a very informative and worthwhile process for both the therapist and client. It also determines hypnotic suggestibility and whether hypnotherapy is the right choice for each client. The consultation process also helps me the therapist to choose the correct treatment approaches to meet the clients individual needs.

The hypnosis/trance happens at the end of the first consultation session where the client gets a taster of trance and a recording to help with current issues. There are a vast number of methods is used to create the hypnotic state known as ‘inductions’. Once the client has entered into the state of hypnosis, then the clients trance is deepened, which helps to intensify the state of hypnosis, allowing the client to settle and become accustomed to the hypnosis process. During the above processes the client is brought to a profound deep state of relaxation.

In the therapy I will work to help the client with the problem in the here and now then building resources and resilience and to ensure they’re ready for therapy. This will include a take home audio that the client will listen to at home as part of their own work. Depending then on the therapy and what tools are used to help with the therapy.. For example the client may need regression therapy to go back to the time of an incident in the past, release the emotion and free the client from the trauma associated with it. Every client is different, has different needs and different approaches will be used in therapy.

Hypnotic suggestions are used throughout the hypnotherapy process as a whole, and within the treatment phase, I will often use ‘direct’ and ‘indirect’ suggestions to create lasting change. For example a Direct suggestions are more commanding and explicit, such as “let go of that tension… now…”, whereas an’ Indirect’ suggestions is more like “And you might find that your limbs feel heavy or light”. Many therapists will use both direct and indirect suggestions within a session.

Another part of all Hypnotherapy is Ego-strengthening which positively benefits self-esteem, self-confidence, and sense of self, empowerment, building inner resilience. This helps facilitate the therapeutic process and can result in more effective and lasting change. Ego-strengthening approaches can either be direct or metaphorical because our inner mind loves stories..

The Client holds all the power with their treatment and as the therapist I am a facilitator in helping the client come to make positive change.. The Hypnotherapy I use is solution focused and it is a collaborative approach. The benefits and gains of the hypnotherapy work is enhanced by clients engaging in self work at home beyond the therapy session where the client having learnt self hypnosis can reinforce the new thoughts and behaviours and can bring about action.

Client self work is a key part of the therapy and helps empower the client to keep the therapeutic changes. During each session the client develops the skills and attitude to be self-managing and self-supporting. The Client having been taught self hypnosis can use this into the future integrating positive change into their everyday life, thus developing lasting effectiveness.

When the psychotherapy work in hypnosis has been completed, the client will become alert and fully aware as they are not asleep during this process. I will check in with how the client is feeling about the presenting issue and may book them in for another session, if appropriate. Alternatively, may schedule a telephone catch up to check in with the client at a later time. This enables me to ensure that the client is on track to achieve their therapy goal.

Different clients have different issues and respond to hypnotherapy at different speeds. So, a hypnotherapy approach might involve just one session, or a number of sessions in order to reach a satisfactory conclusion. Furthermore, as therapy progresses, further or deeper issues may arise, which the client may not have been consciously aware of initially. This is why during the intake session the client’s overall goals are established the goals and timeline set for that therapy.What is Hypnotherapy and how does it work?

All therapy is held in a safe, non judgmental and comfortable space where clients can connect with a deeper part of themselves. By going on this journey with each client and witnessing the wonderful, transforming, inner healing that this work can bring to a person, has been a humbling and inspiring journey for me.

I hope you found this information beneficial and if you are interested in talking further with me, I offers a free 30 minute consultation to determine if the services on offer are a good fit for your needs. Focusing on wellbeing and overcoming both physical and mental limitations. Call 087 6797830 to schedule your free consultation today.