My Story

DeepicMy health took a dramatic turn for the worst in my mid twenties when I became ill in Africa and was struck down with what the doctors thought at the time was viral Arthritis.  I was told that it could take up to a year to recover but for the next 10 years I was in chronic pain. No immune suppressant drug would work and was given one medicine after another into my body which was creating even more problems because of side effects.  It was a journey of awakening for me as I had a choice of leaving everything in the hands of modern medicine or begin to take responsibility for my own health. This is what I did,  treating my whole self from my physical body,  by making my own body products, looking at the food I was eating then changing my diet, training in yoga, meditation and working on my own mind and what was going on at a deeper subconscious level. In short a whole mind, body spirit approach to my health, the holistic approach to healing.

Through my own yoga journey and while studying Hypno psychotherapy I became fascinated with the deeper aspects of the mind and how it effects everything in our lives. I understood that it is in this unconscious part of ourselves that we hold a lot of deep seated beliefs and experiences that shape our lives in the here and now. This cause and effect can be transformed and when we are ready to make that commitment to ourselves to bring about change we just need a guiding hand to help us on our way.

Having qualified in various yoga practices and having spent time in India deepening my own spiritual practice alongside a Saddhu , I know that these ancient technologies have their place in the modern society, to help to bring us into harmony with ourselves, to bring us into a reconnect with ourselves, bring about a Mind-Body-Spirit experience which brings more color and joy to life. So my philosophy is Love Life because life is a journey rich with human experiences. We are on our own journey and we are all unique.