The Power to change lies within you

I am a qualified Hypno Psychotherapist and Psycho Analyst having studied with Dr. Joe Keaney from the Institute of Clinical Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy (ICHP).  I am a holistic and ethical therapist, I abide by the strict code of ethics and practice advanced by the ICHP, and I am a member of the Clinical Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy Graduates Association.

Hypnotherapy helps people change their lives and is a first line intervention.

“HYPNOSIS is a wonderfully safe natural state and is a consent state which a person allows themselves to enter.. All hypnosis is self hypnosis”
Hypnosis is not a therapy, rather the therapy is conducted in Hypnosis which is called Hypno-Psychotherapy.

Hypnosis is a deeply relaxed state of heightened suggestibility (trance) which enables access to the subconscious mind. It is the key that unlocks the door in the powerhouse of thoughts, memories and emotions.

pexels-photo-95215Everyone has the ability to enter into a trance. Everyday people slip into a natural trance like state when they become absorbed in television, or a book, even when driving. Hypnotherapy is a proven therapeutic aid and is a psychotherapy treatment for mental and emotional problems.  Hypnotherapy has been used successfully in many areas such as:-

Anxiety and stress management, Sleep, Dreams, Nightmares, Weight loss, addiction, improving study habits, Fears, Phobias, Insomnia, Pain Management, Self-Confidence, Motivation, Self-image, Anger, Fear, Frustration, Worry ,Guilt, Forgiveness, Nail biting, Assertiveness, Public speaking, Memory improvement, Concentration levels, Panic attacks, Sports, blushing, Stuttering, Fear of Dentists, Lowering blood pressure, Quitting Smoking, Stage fright, Reaching goals, procrastination, Changing habits, awareness of our negative thoughts and changing your thought pattern, Career success, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Exam anxiety, Love and Relationships, speeding up recovery from surgery, Tardiness, Performance anxiety, Lack of initiative, Self-expression, Hopelessness, Overly critical, Grief, Writers Block, Insecurity, Tics, Mistrust, Abandonment, Victimization, Exercise motivation, Anaesthesia, Creativity, Trauma, Chronic Pain, Problem Solving,  Resistance, Headaches, Migraine, Self-Forgiveness, Fear of Death, Thumb Sucking, Relaxation, Stubbornness, Breathing, Irrational thoughts, Self-Mastery, Sexual problems, Child Birth, Agoraphobia, Obsessions, Passive-Aggressive, Obsessive-Compulsive, Bed Wetting,  Skin Problems, spiritual development, Self-Awareness, Fear of Success, Aggression, Lack of Ambition, Inferiority, Jealousy, Overeating, Rejection, Age Regression, Shame, Past Life Regression, Irrational thoughts, Resistance to Change, Lack of Enthusiasm, Self-Hypnosis, Indecision and lack of focus or direction.

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I found working with Deirdre a very safe experience and her natural ability and very calming soothing voice allowed me to enter this wonderful suggestive technique. Deirdre’s very skilful approach encouraged me to work towards the root of my issues with insights and clarity and very insightful realisations emerged after each session.

I’m very grateful & thankful for her help & support in this work and now have a profound respect for the work and the wisdom Deirdre provided me throughout this wonderful and challenging process will stay with me forever onwards with a new sense of understanding of myself that has been achieved, thank you Deirdre, forever grateful and humbled to have met and worked with you.

Tom Quinn

Deirdre is a wonderful caring and understanding person. Warmth radiates from her. I was lucky to work with her because she has a natural ability to break down thoughts and help you understand patterns that can change your life. She is so skilled in what she does and her background as a Reiki Master and Yoga only adds to what she does as a Hypno/Psychotherapist.

I have had many an experience over the last 15 years with different therapies, and I can honestly state, that Deirdre ranks amongst the highest that I have ever met. With her diverse experience, one can only get a clearer understanding of themselves, how the mind/body work in unison which is pivotal in the journey of happiness, emotionally and physically.

I am so happy to have met Deirdre and would highly recommend her as a therapist to anybody.

DB Greene (Dublin)